More Technology, Better Cable Since 1986


Youngchang Silicon was founded in 1986 and has been creating high-quality wires for wide range of applications.

From IT and general industries to ships, automobiles, plant industries and heating cables, we provide wires and various insulation solutions required in various industries.

Youngchang Silicon has developed products and services while actively embracing changes in a rapidly changing business environment.

Cable & Wire, which saves the value of scattered devices and parts, exists everywhere in our lives. In response to this, continuous R&D is being enforced for customer satisfaction according to various usage and environments. Furthermore, through this, we have accumulated different core experiences and competencies on optimized and customized design.

Youngchang Silicon is continuously growing through mutual cooperation with domestic and international companies in various fields.

Youngchang Silicon will become a company that connects the world by communicating and  leading change based on the philosophy and culture.