More Technology, Better Cable Since 1986


  • 2021 Obtained Electrical Insulation
    System YCI-155 for STW-F E303298 (YCI-155)
    SSW-F and SDW-H get UL Certification
    STW-F and STW-H get VDE Certification
  • 2020 Established Young Chang Silicone Co.,Limited in HongKong.
    STW-B Triple insulation wire factory move to DongGuan,China
  • 2020 Acquired UL AWM Style 22048
  • 2019 Acquired 16949;2016 and UL AWM Style 1727
  • 2018 Updated ISO 9001;2015, ISO 140071;2015
    Acquired UL certificate
    E120271 : (Appliance Wire, Extruded Silicone rubber, Insulated Singles, Class I, Group A,B or Group A/B)
  • 2017 Acquired IECEx Certificate (Self-Regulating Heating Cable, IECExFMG 17.0011U)
  • 2016 Acquired Russia’s TR-CU certificate (Heating Cable)
  • 2014 Acquired ATEX certificate
    Series resistance heating cable SCW series (KRH 14 ATEX 1018U)
    EN 60079-0:2009 EN 60079-7:2007 EN 60079-30-1:2007 (Korea)
  • 2013 Participated localizing munition development project
    Wiring system for Engine/ Spec number: KDS 1940-1005
  • 20212 Acquired MIL certificate (MIL 22759 type)
  • 2011 Acquired FM certificate
    16ASH2-CR Self-Regulating Electrical Heating Cable System
    [Class I,II,III, Division2, Group A,B,C,D,F and G hazardous (Classified Locations)]
  • 2008 Acquired UL certificate
    E120271 (Self Regulating Cable), E120271 (Silicone Jacket Cable)
  • 2007 Acquired UL certificate
    E120271 (Heatrace SCW), E242198 (STLZW-B),E314954 (TC-W PLCT )
    Converted ISO 9001;2008 from Korean Foundation for Quality
  • 2006 Obtained Electrical Insulation
    System YCI-130 for STW-B E303298 (YCI-130)
  • 2005 Awarded for reaching 5Million USD export
    Obtained UL 5420 : High Temp.(450℃) Wire - For the first time in Asia
  • 2004 Commencement of mass production
    - STW-B (Certificates : UL, TUV, NEMKO, CSA, VDE, BSI)
    Obtained 8 country's Type Approval for Shipboard Engine Cable (Certificates : DNV, ABS, GL, NK, KR, LR, RINA, BV)
  • 2003 Updated ISO9001;2000 (Korea Foundation of Quality)
  • 2000 Corporate conversion Young Chang Silicone LTD., Co
  • 1997 Acquired ISO 9002 Certificate (KITECH)
  • 1993 Registered to Korea International Trade Association as trading company
    Acquired UL certificate (Fluoropolymer Wire) – E120271
  • 1992 Acquired UL certificate
    UL: Silicone Rubber Insulation Glass
    (Silicone Rubber Insulation Glass Braided Tuber) – E141626
    Acquired CSA certificate (Silicone Rubber Wire-Equipment Wire)


  • 1991 Selected as Promising Business by Industrial Bank of Korea
    Acquired UL certificate
    (Silicone Rubber Wire-AWM, Fixture Wire) -E120271, E120347
  • 1986 Established Youngchang Silicone